Friday, May 24, 2013

How to be an Awesome Author

The new title from Affordable Manuscript Assessments and Workshops is How to be an Awesome Author. This one is aimed at primary school children who love to write.

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Introduction 4

Why Would You Write a Story? 5

Ideas 7

Let’s Get Some Writing Tools 10

Beginnings 26

Middles 35

Ends 43

Characters 46

Plots and Paces 54

Settings and Periods 56

Awesome words and Not so Awesome Words 63

Dialogue 64

Voices and Tenses 71

Punctuation 76

More Awesome Words 79

Editing 84

Genres 91

Ms Tiggy’s Beginnings 92

Ms Tiggy’s Characters 95

Mr Bock’s Glossary 97

Go and be Awesome, Author! 99

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